Marketing Consulting and Services

your strategic path to success' end

Marketing and Sales

Your strategic path to success’ end


Next to programming a website, I will support you in all aspects regarding marketing, advertisement, and distribution of your products.


What is marketing all about?

As the term suggests, it has something to do with markets: it is about selling your product the best way possible.

Sounds like a lame cliché, right? But trust me, it is not just about having the right product or being a “good” salesperson. Rather, it is about

  • determinier your target group as well
  • as convincing them to take your offer!

Together, we will find the right “marketing mix”.

Marketing Mix


What does my product look like? It is not just about how it looks, but also about how it works, to paraphrase Steve Jobs.


How much should I ask for my product? The key is to cover your entire costs as well as meeting the customers’ willingness to pay.



How do I get my customers’ attention?  A top notch website is just as important as personally maintaining contact with them.


How do my products get to the customer? Let’s consider the advantages each of self-distribution (e. g. online shop) vs the POS approach.

My range of Services

With the following services, I can help you increase your sales:

As-Is Analysis

We look together at what your customers actually need and how you compare to your competition


We create a corporate design that will thrill your customers to do business with you


We shall find the best way to get your products to your customers and find any partners you might need


I will show you how you may organise the company in order to focus on the essential